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Saturday - Hey Hey Hey

music:Alternative, Rock, Pop
dress code:Casual

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Its Saturday night your in Nottingham city centre and you're out with your friends for a party. You're coming to Rock City. Several reasons pop in your mind as to why, but you settle for the best one, it's where you'll have the most fun with the most people.

Week in week out its full to the rafters with people getting drunk, dancing and having a great time. Thousands of people dancing to the best alternative music and downing the odd cheeky tipple from the bar. Rock City has hosted many artists in its time from the great to the small and its with this in mind when it brings you a hey hey hey event.

Its meant to feel like a festival indoors, several rooms of music with a huge main hall. Lazers, smoke, massive visuals and the thumping new sound system -deliver the best experience to be had in the city. Over 2000 people can fit in that room which makes it the biggest best and most atmospheric arena to listen and dance to biggest and hottest tracks.

This room is built for the underground, bringing you all that's at the cutting edge and all of the power of the undeground from the past. Playing weekly on different nights are 2 amazing djs. From Kerrang Radio we have DJ Loz and from the reading & Leeds lock up stage we have Dj Gaz. No messing these guys are the undeground. This is Rock City. These are the best alternative Djs in town.

►►►►► THE RIG
There is a reason that some music is timeless. That reason is that it's fucking awesome. So is the Rig on a Saturday. This is where the coolest mother fucker on earth, Dj Dave Herron will have you dropping your head down and your hands the air. Never has Rock seemed so cool or more neccassary. Hair back combed and ripped jeans on, get here get timeless......

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