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top 5 clubs

1. Stealth Nottingham
2. Alien Concepts Ltd Nottingham
3. Rock City Nottingham
4. Oceana Nottingham
5. Dogma Nottingham

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club regular nights your opinion
Alien Concepts Ltd Nottingham [map]
Arriba Nottingham [map]
Bar Circle Nottingham [map] t s
Bar None Nottingham [map] w
Bar Ten Nottingham [map] s
Blueprint Nottingham [map]
Bluu Nottingham [map] s
Brass Monkey Nottingham [map]
Bunkers Hill Nottingham [map]
Cabaret Nottingham [map]
City Bar Nottingham [map] s
Club Zanadus Nottingham [map]
Coyote Wild Mansfield [map]
Credo Long Eaton [map]
Dogma Nottingham [map] t w t f s
EQ Nottingham [map] s f s
Evasion Nottingham [map]
Fuel Long Eaton [map]
Geisha Nottingham [map]
IBAR Nottingham [map]
Image Nottingham [map]
Isis Lenton [map] w
J.F.K Nottingham [map]
Junktion 7 Nottingham [map]
Kudos (formerly Obsessions) Nottingham [map]
Lexis Mansfield [map]
Liberty's (bar) Nottingham [map]
Linen Nottingham [map]
Liquid Mansfield [map] s t f s
Lizard Lounge Nottingham [map]
Lloyds Bar Nottingham [map]
Media (Gatecrasher) Nottingham [map] s m t w t f s
MFN Eastwood [map]
Minskys Nightclub Long Eaton [map]
Muse Nottingham [map] f
NG1 Nottingham [map]
Nottingham Arena Nottingham [map]
Ocean Nottingham [map] m t w t f s
Oceana Nottingham [map] m t w t f s
Ohm Nottingham [map]
Pelhams (formerly Spiders) Nottingham [map]
Pitcher & Piano Nottingham [map] s
Prohibition Nottingham [map] f s
Rescue Rooms Nottingham [map] m
Revolution (Cornerhouse) Nottingham [map] w s
Revolution (Hockley) Nottingham [map]
Rock City Nottingham [map] t f s
Snug Nottingham [map] s m t t f s
Squares (bar) Nottingham [map]
Stealth Nottingham [map] s
Stone Nottingham [map]
Studio (Formerly Cuba Libre) Nottingham [map] f
Tantra Nottingham [map] s t t f s
Templars Bar Nottingham [map]
Ten Mansfield [map]
The Bomb Nottingham [map]
The Cookie Club Nottingham [map] m w t f s
The Edge Nottingham [map] t
The Glo Bar - Trent Students Union Nottingham [map] s t t
The Irish Centre Nottingham [map]
The Lenton Nottingham [map]
The Living Room Nottingham [map]
The Loggerheads Nottingham [map]
The Lost Weekend Nottingham [map]
The Marcus Garvey Ballroom Lenton [map]
The Market Bar Nottingham [map]
The Maze Nottingham [map]
The Pit and Pendulum Nottingham [map]
The Priory (bar) Nottingham [map]
The Q-Lounge Nottingham [map] s m t w t f s
The Social Nottingham [map] w t
The SUB - Trent Students Union Nottingham [map]
The Underground Nottingham [map]
The Venue (now closed) Long Eaton [map] s
The Village Nottingham [map]
Town Mill Nottingham [map]
Walkabout Nottingham [map] f s